3 Free Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Free Ways to Increase Website Traffic
Updated November 3, 2020

Without website traffic, you have no business! Even if you’re getting paid traffic, there’s a chance it’s not profitable to your business. Which is why we put together three amazing free ways to increase website traffic. No need to spend a dime!

These traffic sources can take time to see results and will take upfront work. 

But if you want a truly profitable and automated business that has visitors coming in like clockwork, these are some of the most beneficial, and easiest, ways to acquire targeted traffic.

1.) Blog Posts, Content

This is an obvious one that you most likely have already heard of. 

But the fact of the matter is, when you have more blog posts and website content, you’re going to appear more and begin to rank in search engines. 

Ranking takes time, and you may think creating the content takes a lot of time too. Well that’s where you’re wrong!

Many people have never heard of what I’m about to tell you, are you ready? 

What if there’s already content made just for you to put on your blog? 

You don’t have to spend hours or days thinking, creating and typing up relevant content, you can buy thousands of blog posts in your niche for as little as $5! 

They’re called PLR (Private Label Rights) articles. You can simply google it or type it into Fiverr and you’ll find a ton of PLR articles in your niche.

These articles will save you an ample amount of time. 

Do keep in mind though that you cannot just copy and paste from the PLR article to your blog post. 

Using recycled content can have an extremely negative effect on your website. 

These articles are supposed to be used as a guide for your blog posts. From the topic to the actual content, use it as a crutch for formatting and writing your blog post.

Results for PLR Fitness Articles on Fiverr
2.) Engaging on Social Media Websites and Forums

The second of free ways to increase website traffic is commenting and engaging on social media websites and forums. 

The four best sites to do this on include Instagram, Facebook groups, Reddit and Quora

How is that going to drive traffic to your site? Find questions people have and provide value! Let’s go through how you can drive traffic from each source.


Using Quora, you answer others questions and help them solve their problems by giving advice and providing a link to your website with a resource to help them. 

For example, someone will ask “What are some services that help with SEO?” 

So we would hop on and answer their question by saying “A few of the big named services people use include, SEMRush, Longtail Pro and SE Ranking. You can see their features and find more SEO services here https://www.marketinghelp.tech/best-seo-tools-services-2020/.” 

That simple. So when others come to look at answers for the same question, your response and link will be right there for everyone to use.

You will use Reddit in the same way you use Quora. 

Join certain topics, find questions, provide solutions with a link to your site. 

Many of these questions and topics on Quora and Reddit appear first in search rankings when someone googles a certain question or topic because they acquire so much traffic and engagement. 

Making it a great source for driving traffic to your site.
Facebook Groups
With Facebook groups, you want to find groups in your niche and join them (this is free). 

Once you’re accepted into that group, engage with peoples posts, answer others questions and in those answers you can link your page with a resource or solution to their problem. 

DO NOT attach affiliate links though as most Facebook groups do not allow this and will result in you being removed.

With Instagram, find posts that relate to your niche or topic and leave a comment of value. 

If you provide value or answer someone’s question in the comment section, you’re going to peak their interest and show you have authority and knowledge about their topic. 

This will lead to them clicking on your account which will then lead to them being funneled to your website in your bio. 

3.) Promote Your Content on Social Platforms
The third free way to increase website traffic goes hand in hand with tip one. 

With the content you create (tip one), you’ll want to push it out on all your social media accounts. 

After doing that all you’ll need to do is drive traffic to your social media accounts which is easy to do with the help of
This works even better if you already have even a small following on any or all social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You don’t need a huge following to drive enough traffic to generate sales.


Put Them to Use!

Using just these three free ways to increase website traffic, we can guarantee you will start to see results if you constantly put in the work and effort. 

The more content, the more opportunities to rank. The more you comment and reply on various social sites, the more opportunities to be seen, simple!

If you have any questions, comments, or even your own tips, feel free to comment them below! We would love to get back to you!

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