5 Best Keyword Tools to Use in 2020

Below we’ll display the 5 best keyword tools to use in 2020 and we’ll compare what makes them stand out from the rest! 

Keywords can make or break your content. So using a highly efficient keyword tool will do wonders for your SEO, boosting your organic audience and site ranking.

We have tested and used a multitude of keyword and SEO tools and found these five to meet our specific criteria that stand out from the rest. 

Just our opinion, but these are the 5 best keyword tools to use in 2020!

Everyone knows how important long tail keywords can be, and that’s exactly what Long Tail Pro specializes in. 

Their platform allows you to analyze a multitude of keyword and site ranking data points to help you better understand, and improve your sites ranking and keywords.

One of our favorite features is their completely free rank tracking. 

Most services sell rank tracking that can cost a pretty penny but with Long Tail Pro it comes free with any monthly or annual plan. 

You’re able to track where your keywords are ranking, allowing you to focus more on those keywords and similar keywords for faster organic growth.

Long Tail Pro has recently began skyrocketing due to their growing platform and endless features that they continue to add on. Garnering the attention and business of some of the biggest blogging websites on the internet.

“I’m a fan of Long Tail Pro! It’s a powerful keyword research tool that I’ve used and am very impressed. I definitely recommend Long Tail Pro. It’s a must-have tool for any SEO or Internet Marketer.” – Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income

Monthly plans start at as low as $37/month with a one week $1 trial.

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Used by the likes of AirBnb, Addidas and other huge companies, KW Finder is perfect for users of all levels. 

They have the perfect blend of advanced and simple features. Allowing for an awesome, in-depth user experience.

KWFinder boasts some of the most accurate SEO search volumes and difficulty rankings. 

Combine all of their high end features with having one of the most straightforward, easy-to-use interfaces and you have one of the most trusted keyword tools on the market.

Their plans start as low as $29/month with a risk free 10 day trial!

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Spyfu is one of the more underrated SEO tools on the market. Known for their competitor analysis tools, they also feature more standard ranking tools like SERP ranking and more.

They’re called SPYfu for a reason, no service cracks down on their competitors like Spyfu. 

They allow you to search any domain and see every place they’ve shown up on the internet. 

Along with every organic rank, every keyword they’ve bought and every ad variation they’ve created over the last 13 years!  

Spyfu allows you to truly get an understanding for how your competitors operate and how you can replicate to have the same success. 

Pricing starts as low as $33/month.

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SEMrush is arguably the biggest marketing platform on the internet. 

They have endless keyword features but they also integrate features for social media marketing and more. 

There’s a reason they’re used by the likes of Ebay, Philips, HP, Quora, Booking.com and more.

SEMrush makes extensive keyword management extremely easy and straightforward. 

Just enter a seed keyword and let SEMrush generate endless keywords, long tail keywords, questions and phrases along with their features, competition, ranking and more.

Along with their advanced keyword platform, the also allow you to plan SEO and Google Ad campaigns with their integrated position tracking and PPC tool. You won’t find these sort of easy-to-use, advanced features with many other keyword tools. 

With the endless advanced features does come a more hefty price tag, but it’s well worth it. Plans start at $99.95/month with a 7-day risk free trial.

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SEMrush Keyword Analyzer Tool

SE Ranking is a great tool for not only keywords but other SEO factors as well.

It comes packed with all the basic tools you need to get an understanding for your ranking, keywords and SEO scores.

One of their key features is their keyword grouping. Allowing you to easily expand your keyword list with closely related keywords and terms. 

Therefore, keeping your SEO healthy and allowing you to keep your site ranked higher.

SE Ranking is very user-friendly, straightforward and overall really simple. Plans start at just $23/month.

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Our Suggested Tool

All these platforms provide similar keyword tool features, but what makes them different is the add-ons and ease of use each platform comes with. 

Some people may find one of the interfaces hard to use, or simply will not like the layout. 

Most of it comes down to user preference. 

With that being said, we actually have two favorite platforms. Those would be Long Tail Pro and SEMrush.

Both services provide the highest rated and most used platforms in their respective industry. 

They come packed with every possible feature you could ever need, which warrants why they’re used by some of the largest companies. 

The differences between the two, and why we chose two different services, comes down to the price. 

SEMrush provides more than just keyword and SEO tools, it comes packed with social media tools as well, warranting the high price tag. 

Though it is well worth it. Long Tail Pro is our more price friendly choice packed with the most features. 

With that being said, you can’t go wrong with any of the five keyword tools we have listed!

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