5 Best Tips for Writing Effective Emails

Tips for Writing Effective Emails
Updated November 3, 2020

The writing and wording of your email marketing campaigns determine the success of that campaign. 

A few words or formatting issues can be all the difference in a successful/profitable campaign. 

If you apply the tips we provide for writing effective emails, we can almost guarantee you will at least see and uptick in open rate, engagement and more.

If you’re already using an email marketing service like Mailerlite or SendX, creating good looking emails is easy. 

What’s not as easy for some, is the copy of the email and using the correct words and formatting for the best results possible. So let’s jump into the 5 best tips for writing effective emails.

1.) Be Sure the Subject is Concise and Eye Catching

It won’t matter what’s on the inside of the email if you can’t get them to open it! You need a creative, click bait like title/subject that entices the recipient to open your email. 

With that being said, make sure it is not spam like, otherwise it won’t end up in your readers inbox.

Here’s over 200 spam words to avoid using so you don’t end up in your readers spam folder!

2.) Be Brief

Use as little words as possible to get your message across. 

Keeping it simple and straight to the point is key. 

Use bold wording and clear headers that lead to your CTA or offer as fast and easily as possible. Speaking of CTA’s and offers…

3.) Have a Clear CTA (Call to Action) or Offer
Tips two and three go hand in hand. You must be brief to lead your customer to your desired CTA or offer. 

The quicker you can funnel your audience to your CTA, the better the chance they complete your desired outcome.

When it comes to your CTA, make it very obvious what you want your audience to do. 

Do you want them to click a link to a certain web page? Tell them! Place a nice sized button with a color that stands out saying, “Click Here.” 

Too many people skip right over your CTA if you make it too confusing for them. 

Dumb it down, don’t leave any confusion.

4.) Make the Format Easy to Follow
Creating good looking email layouts is easy with the right email marketing service, but formatting it is a different story. 

If you don’t lay it out in a clean fashion you can confuse your audience, in turn completely derailing your campaign.

5.) Check Spelling and Sentence Structure

Once you’ve completed your email and are ready to send it out, the very last thing you’ll want to do is make sure your spelling is in check and your sentences aren’t confusing or too long.

Having spelling errors will make you lose credibility with your audience. Such a little thing can make all the difference in a successful campaign. 

Same goes with sentence structure. If you have weirdly worded sentences and words that don’t make sense, it’s going to completely throw off your audience.

To Conclude

If you apply these 5 tips for writing effective emails, we can promise you will see some sort of improvement in your campaigns. 

Whether it be open rate, conversion rate, etc. these tips have helped us as well as countless others.

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