Best SEO Tools – SEO Tool Review & Comparison (August 2022)

There’s an abundance of SEO tools and platforms to choose from. While a select few stand out from the crowd as clearly the cream of the crop, almost all of them provide the basic tools any bsuiness, agency or individual needs. 

Which platform you decide to go with will ultimately depend on your price point, desired features and personal preference when it comes to the layouts and interfaces.

The list you’re about to see will cover all of the best SEO tools on the market, along with their pros, cons and pricing.

SEMrush Free Trial and Pricing
4.8 MT Rating

Based on 4,493 Reviews



SEMrush Pricing

Considering SEMrush is arguably the most feature packed option in the space, it does come with a hefty price tag. Plans start at $120/month or $99/month when you pay anually. Below we’ll display each plan. Keep in mind, each plan comes with a 7-day free trial.
  • Pro Plan – $99.95/monthly or $119.95/month paid annually
  • Guru Plan – $229.95/monthly or $191.62/month paid annually
  • Business Plan – $449.95/monthly or $374.95/month paid annually

Who is SEMrush best for?

Because of the higher price tag and advanced features, SEMrush is best for large businesses and full fledged SEO agencies. If you’re a small business with flexible capital and have a huge need for DIY SEO help, you also can’t go wrong with SEMRush!


ahrefs pricing and plans
4.6 MT Rating

Based on 1,652 Reviews



Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs is without a doubt one of the top SEO platforms and with that comes a higher rate, similarly to SEMRush. The one downfall though is that Ahrefs does not provide a free trial, something many love to utilize before actually investing their money in a SEO platform. With that being said, here are the pricing plans for Ahrefs.

  • Lite Plan – $99/month or $83/month billed annually 
  • Standard Plan – $199/month or $166/month billed annually
  • Advanced Plan – $399/month or $333/month billed annually
  • Enterprise Plan – $999/month or $833/month billed annually

Who is Ahrefs Best For?

Ahrefs is perfect for small businesses looking to grow their own SEO rank in-house due to its top of the line keyword, backlink and competitor analysis tools. It is perfect for establised SEO agencies as well, but only if you’re going to use their highest plan available. This is due to the more advanced reporting you get, along with their API key integration.

4.6 MT Rating

Based on 237 Reviews



Web CEO Pricing

Web CEO comes in at over half of the price of SEMrush. Starting at $37/month or $33/month if you pay anually. They have a great array of pricing for solo beginners as well as for small businesses. All plans and prices listed below.

  • Solo Plan – $37/month or $33/month billed annually
  • Startup Plan – $99/month or $83/month billed annually
  • Agency Unlimited Plan – $99/month or $83/month billed annually
  • Corporate Plan – $299/month or $251/month billed annually

Who is Web CEO best for?

Like SEMrush, Web CEO is perfect for both agencies and smaller companies. They better suit smaller businesses that are looking to preserve capital while getting the most bang for your buck.

On top of this, they had one of the better ranked interfaces by everyone on our team that was able to test their platform. Because of the easue-of-use, we believe Web CEO is one of the more underrated platforms on the list.

4.8 MT Rating

Based on 1,969 Reviews



SE Ranking Pricing

SE Ranking actually comes with a very different type of pricing structure. They allow you to pay monthly, quarterly, every six months, every nine months, or annually. This also comes with a two week free trial. With that being said, we’ll provide you with just the monthly and annual rates, shown below.


  • Essential Plan – $49/month or $39.20/month billed annually
  • Pro plan – $109/month or $87.20/month billed annually
  • Business Plan – $239/month or $191.20/month billed annually

Who is SE Ranking Best For?

SE Ranking is perfect for small businesses and individuals looking for an easy-to-use platform with every SEO tool you could want to start out with. Their essential plan is the perfect combo of features and great pricing for individuals and small businesses alike. 
4.3 MT Rating

Based on 27 Reviews



Longtail Pro Pricing

Longtail Pro offers a 7 day free trial and then starts at $37/month for their starter plan. The rest of the plans and monthly/annually pricing are as follows.
  • Starter Plan – $37/month or $24.75/month paid annually
  • Pro Plan – $67/month or $44.75/month billed annually
  • Agency Plan – $147/month or $99/month billed annually

Who is Longtail Pro Best For?

Longtail Pro is best suited for those that rely heavily on keyword research for their SEO and marketing efforts. For instance, bloggers and PPC agencies. It’s simplicity is perfect for both large marketing agencies as well as individuals that do heavy keyword research.
If you are looking more for a full fledged SEO platform, Longtail Pro most likely is not for you. BUT, if you are serious about keyword research in your SEO efforts, Longtail Pro would be a great tool to pair with any of the SEO platforms listed above!
4.2 MT Rating

Based on 1,364 Reviews



Netpeak Spider Pricing

Netpeak Spider has great pricing options, but similarly to SE Ranking they offer a variety of different monthly terms. They offer a three month plan, a one year plan and a three year plan. 

While it’s definitely not different, many like the way they structure it. On top of this, they have very generous pricing option. Here are the plans.
  • Lite Plan – $26/month billed every three months or $20.80/month billed annually
  • Pro Plan – $39/month billed every three months or $31.20/month billed annually
  • Business Plan – $55.20/month billed annually (this plan does not have a three month option), or $48.30 billed every three years

Who is Netpeak Spider Best For?

Netpeak Spider is best for individuals that strictly focus on diagnosing SEO issues and identifying how to improve their SEO. Their features are specifically tailored towards analyzing and diagnosing SEO issues in a timely and organized manner. 


4.7 MT Rating

Based on 229 Reviews



Mangools Pricing

Mangools has three plans. Basic, Premium and Agency. They also give you a convenient 10-day trial to test it out before paying. Below we detail what each plan will cost you monthly and annually.
  • Basic Plan – $49/month or $29.90/month when paid annually
  • Premium Plan – $69/month or $39.90/month when paid annually
  • Agency Plan – $129/month or $79.90/when paid annually

Enjoy approximately 40% in savings when paying annually rather than monthly.


Who is Mangools Best For?

We believe Mangools is best for individuals and bloggers who rely heavily on keyword research, keyword difficulty and finding reliable longtail keywords to use in their organic ranking efforts. Due to the price point and inredubly easy-to-use interface, this platform is very suitable for individuals and bloggers of all levels.

Best SEO Tools for Marketing Agencies

When picking a tool that’s going to work best for agencies, we want to look at which one covers all the common features and the one that gives you the most bang for your buck. With that being said, our top pick goes to SEMRush.

There’s not a better tool for agencies to use due to their 20-in-1 SEO platform that integrates more features than you could ever ask for.

It goes above and beyond when it comes to every feature they offer. They’re the top of line in competitor ranking/tracking as well as their site auditing.

SEM Rush Site Auditing Feature
SEMRush Site Auditing Tool

Those aren’t the only two features that can’t be beat. SEMRush takes the cake when it comes to keyword tools as well. Accuracy, estimated traffic, average ranking position, you name it. Not many platforms can match SEMRush’s ability.

As the cherry on top, they offer social media tracking as well. If you run an SEO agency, there’s no other platform you should be using. SEMRush is the one.

Best SEO Tools for Small Businesses

As a small business you’re looking for something easy to use, cost effective, and a tool that gives you all the necessary features to see the results you want.

For small businesses, our best SEO tool goes to SE Ranking.

It has everything you need, and more, to be successful. All while being one of the easiest platforms to use, understand and navigate through.

SE Ranking Site Audit Feature
SE Ranking Site Auditing Feature

Best Tool for Keyword Research

Obviously all of the tools listed come with advanced keyword research. With that being said, there’s really only one that gives great results while being extremely easy to use and implement in your keyword research.

That would be Mangools.

Where it lacks in SEO features, it makes up for with in-depth keyword data. It is THE keyword tool made for any content marketer, blogger or keyword snob.

Mangools Keyword Ranking Tool Dashboard
Mangools Keyword Interface

In the picture above you can see a glimpse of what their sought after keyword finder has to offer.

The KWFinder allows you to search by keyword or by domain. From there it gives you statistics on search volume, the keyword difficulty, and a list of keywords, as well as a SERP overview.

Their layout makes it very easy to analyze and understand what you’re looking at. Their color coding helps a ton as well. With difficult keywords being dark red, moderate keywords yellow and less difficult keywords being green.

The screenshot pictured above doesn’t show it since that keyword data is from a domain search. But when searching by keyword they give another section next to the “Organic Keywords” section that gives you keyword suggestions with search volues, keyword difficulty and all the must-have keyword data.

Mangools is versatile, yet simple and straightforward with their keyword approach, making it easy for individuals at all levels to use and succeed with it.

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