How to Spy on Competitors to Explode Your Website Traffic

Understanding what your competitors are doing to garner attention and business is extremely important to the growth and marketing strategies of your business. Learning how to spy on competitors can absolutely explode your business if you use the right techniques.

But, you already know that. That’s why you’re here! So, we’ll be going over how to spy on competitors. 

There’s so many techniques and tools that make this such an easy task to do. Let’s jump right in!

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Facebook Ads Library

If you’re looking to spy on competitors marketing tactics, Facebook ads library is one of the first places you should check.

Spy on competitors facebook ads

If you look at the image above, these are the results for an ad conducted by Neil Patel. In the image you can see how Facebook shows you the user/brands ad, the stats for the ad, how much they spent, etc.

If you were to continue scrolling you would even find statistics on demographics, gender and more! The Facebook ads library is packed with data and info regarding your competitors ads.

Use this data, observe the images and ad copy they use and implement, or build off of, some of their strategies and tactics from their successful ads. Find ways to make your ads better or stand out more. There’s an abundance of ways to use these statistics to your advantage. 


Spy On Competitors Keywords

Spying on competitors keywords is arguably the most effective form of spying. But it does take a special or specific type of paid service to get accurate results on your competitors keywords.

So, we have a few different options for you!

The tool that takes the cake is SEMrush. No other service is going to give you the accurate and real-time results that SEMrush does. It’s the tool that we personally use here at Marketing Tools.

While it does come with a high price tag, it’s so much more than just a competitor research tool. But, if you’re looking for something cost effective that does the trick, we’ve also got you covered.

You can find a list of competitor research tools here, put together by our SEO team.


Spy on Competitors Brand/Social Media

Knowing what your competitors customers are saying and commenting can be important for you to know. 

You can take their complaints and improve your business so you’re not doing what they’re doing. Or, you can see what their customers are loving and replicate and improve upon it with your business.

So, how do you monitor their brand and social media? There’s a neat tool specifically built just to do that! Let us introduce you to Brand24.


Brand24 Competitor Spy Tool

Brand24 allows you to manage your competitors comments across ALL social media platforms. Obviously, Brand24 allows you to do the same for your business and not just your competition.

Not only does it track social media, but it also tracks any mentions or comments across blogs, videos, forums, podcasts and reviews.

Brand24 is such a vital tool if you want to efficiently and effectively spy on competitors.

Check Competitor Backlinks

Spying on competitors backlinks is another huge, sneaky tactic that can help you better understand a companies marketing strategy and tactics.

Also trying to get linked to these websites, or websites similar, can give you a huge advantage over your competition. Not only is it good for marketing purposes, but SEO purposes as well.

This is one of those tactics that can explode your business if monitored correctly, and then taking the correct action in getting backlinks to the same or similar websites.

Tools that do the trick are SEMrush (the same one we mentioned earlier) and all of the tools listed in the same SEO page we linked to earlier as well.

Summarizing How to Spy on Competitors

Using the four tactics we showed you today can explode your business if you take the data and come up with a marketing strategy or plan using it.

You now understand how to spy on competitors, some of the best tools to use, and how to use the data you find to further improve off of your competition.

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