The Easiest Way to Grow an Instagram Following

The easiest way to grow an Instagram following

What is the easiest way to grow an Instagram following? 

One of the most common questions everyone has whether they own and operate a business or not. 

There’s many methods out there. Some that work extremely well and some that sort of work but can be harmful to the health of your account.

We’re going to keep this growth method simple and straight to the point. 

Because after all, people try TOO hard when it comes to growing their Instagram account and it ultimately ends up stunting or completely stagnating their growth. 

So, we’ll cover what to post as well as how to get those posts in front of the eyes of your desired audience. Let’s begin!

Knowing What to Post

We said we would keep this simple, so here you have it; post content that is going to entertain, inform or inspire your audience. 

If you’re not posting one of these three types of posts, you’re not posting engaging content. 

Without engaging content, your page will not be seen and will not grow. 

Too many people try way too hard to find posts that will go viral (we have the correct method for that) for exponential overnight growth.

Do you struggle to create or find engaging content? 

This is where the viral post method we mentioned comes in handy. 

The method for finding posts that go viral consists of going to multiple accounts in your niche and finding the posts that have gone viral. 

Say one of the accounts you find gets on average 500 to 700 likes. If you find a post that blew up for 2,000 or 3,000 likes, that’s a viral post you should replicate and post to your account.

Now you know what to post and where to look for the right content, but you won’t have it go viral without the right engagement. 

Which brings us to our next step in growing your Instagram account.

“Post content that is going to entertain, inform or inspire.”

Going Viral and Gaining Followers

You have the viral post and you’re almost ready to post it. 

All that’s left is the caption and hashtags. Two very important aspects to making the post go viral. 

If you want to play it safe, make the caption similar to the original post. But the more important part of the caption is the CTA (call to action). 

Encourage your user to leave a like, comment or follow for more content.

 The key to going viral is the engagement on the post. 

By encouraging people to like, comment or even follow means they’re engaging on the post. 

That, in turn, gives the post a better chance at landing on the explore page which is where the followers begin to roll in.

The key to getting on the explore page is getting that engagement within the first 20 minutes of posting your post. 

Starting out with a smaller following can make this difficult. 

But with the likes of services like and you can very easily get quick engagement on your post to better improve your chances of getting on the explore page.

With that being said, PLEASE do your due diligence on these auto like services. 

Some of them go against Instagram policy and can get your account in trouble. The two that we linked are two of the most trusted and safest services on the market right now.

Goso.ig Powerlikes Service
Bottom Line

When it comes to Instagram growth, if you take these two simple tips, you will absolutely see the results you desire. 

If you take away anything from this article, make sure it’s these two main points. 

Always post entertaining, informative or inspiring content. Try to find viral content and use it to your advantage while using engagement services to reach the explore page. Simple.

Keep in mind, not every post will go viral. It will take time to grow. 

But if you stay with it and stay dedicated, your followers, engagement etc. will all start to exponentially grow. 

Especially once you post more and have a few posts that hit the explore page. Using these two strategies is by far the easiest way to grow an Instagram following.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have below! Or do you have your own strategy that you believe is the easiest way to grown an Instagram following? Let us know what it is!

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