The Most Accurate SEO Rank Checker (FREE)

SEO is one of the toughest aspects of marketing to grasp and master. Everyone wants to get on the first page of search engines but not many people understand how to rank, or where they currently rank and which keywords and factors are getting them to where they’re at. In this article we’ll be showing you the best SEO rank checker, or in this case, checkers.

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Features of the Most Accurate SEO Rank Checker(s)

You may have heard of some of the popular SEO tools that track and analyze your websites rank and SEO data, like SEMrush. But with in-depth tools like SEMrush comes a hefty price tag. Especially when there’s tools that can get the job done for free. 

The necessary features you’ll need and want to look for when it comes to an SEO rank checker consists of:

  • Keyword Data
  • Website Rank Data
  • Link/Broken Link Data
  • Competitor Research
  • On Page SEO Data
  • Tips and To-Do’s for Improving Websites SEO
There’s an abundance of services that give you only some of these features for free but few of them really give you substantial data needed to understand and improve your website ranking. We know you’re here to find that service, or services, so let’s dive in!

Revealing the First SEO Service

What’s better than one free reliable SEO tool, that’s right, TWO free and reliable SEO tools! These two services compliment each other so well that we couldn’t only give you one SEO rank checker.

The first of the two, Boostability.

Boostability is a great site for not only SEO but digital marketing in general. But for now let’s focus on the SEO aspect. They audit your website and spit out a general grade/score, all while telling you exactly how to fix and improve your SEO and rank. 

Take a look at the example below.

In the slides above you can see we used Neil Patel’s site as an example for the use of Boostability. Boostability basically gives you a check list of things you’re doing great, and a list of big things and little things you can do to improve your organic reach.

Boostability goes extremely in depth and not only tells you what you need to fix, but why you need to fix it and how to do so. Honestly, this sort of feedback on your website shouldn’t be free.

SEO Checker #2 - All About Statistics

What Boostability provides is awesome, but it doesn’t actually tell you where you rank, what keywords are ranking and who your competitors are. That’s where Moz comes into play.

Moz allows you to see all the important ranking statistics. Take a look at the example below.

We stuck with Neil Patel’s website for an example as he holds huge authority in the online marketing and SEO niche. Take a look at all the juicy data they give you. And it’s all for free!

Things like domain authority, top ranking keywords and where exactly they rank, keywords by estimated click. The amount of free info you get is crazy, especially when you think about how many services charge for this sort of data.

Don’t just use one or the other though, using them together is where you’ll get the most value.

Using Both Tools Together

One tool gives you a rank and insight on how to improve organic reach, and the other one gives you data and on where you rank, which keywords are ranking, etc. To get the most use out of these free tools, your best bet would be to use them together, obviously.

Use Boostability as an SEO checklist, checking off all the suggestions every time you complete one, while using Moz as your statistical guide to let you know what’s working and what’s not. 

Using these free sources together will have you set on understanding and checking your organic rank accurately.

How They Stack Up Against Paid Tools

You may be wondering, if all these stats, suggestions and data are provided for free, what can a paid service provide? 

Obviously paid, full service SEO platforms are going to provide you a tiny bit more (depending on the platform of course). But when it comes to what’s actually needed to understand and improve your SEO, Moz and Boostability easily get the job done for free. Moz even has a free trial in case you want to test their paid features.

If you want to know what those extra added features consist of with paid SEO services, here’s a list of the most used SEO platforms and everything they feature.

So to conclude, paid SEO services can do wonders for your SEO and organic ranking, but Moz and Boostability’s free tools are really all you need to understand and improve your websites SEO.

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